About our membership

The EUTRP is constituted of entities (not individuals), working to support HRDs who are seeking temporary relocation, or who have been temporary relocated, at the local, national, regional and/or international level:


Non-governmental organizations


Universities and other relevant education institutions


Governments (national, regional and local)


EU institutions

Member categories

Each member is linked to the temporary relocation of HRDs at risk in different ways, and the activities developed by the member can be included in, at least, one of the following categories:

Host entities

Entities implementing a Temporary Relocation Programme, involved in all aspects related to the relocation of HRDs.

Grant-making entities

Entities providing economic support (such as grants) to cover the expenses related with the temporary relocation of a HRD.


Entities providing funding to other entities, to either run Temporary Relocation Programmes or sub-allocate grants for temporary relocation of HRDs.

Policy makers and advocacy entities

Entities engaged in the development of policies related to relocation of HRDs at risk, or those who can advocate in decisions concerning the relocation of a specific defender.

Referral entities & others

Entities supporting HRDs in activities that don't fit in other categories (e.g. receiving and referring requests from defenders looking for relocation, doing research on relocation, etc.).